Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
Tuesday, March 04, 2003
hello this is martha and hey look i have my own writing name now

ok here's the scoop you are all waiting for

pirates are people who lived a long time ago and saild ships in the days when people sailed the ocean in ships

they were very mean and not at all nice and some of them were very ugly, because sometimes they get scars when they fight

they had a flag that was called the jolly roger and when they hoised it up on the flagpole that meant it was time to be pirates and plunder villages and other ships and take the loot and bury it

they had a lot of cannons and they shot stuff and they burned stuff and one time they sank stuff in the water and sent it to davy jones

pirates were supposed to be the bad guys but sometimes today we think they're the good guys too

oh and abbie is doing better but i haven't told him about taking over his name yet

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